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I Heart Holidays!

Do you love holidays? Which one is your favorite? Is it Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Halloween or maybe all of them?! Whatever it may be, most likely you have decorations to make your house look festive for your favorite holiday.

I have a few people in my life that are pretty passionate about a particular holiday. My good friend has a decorative birch tree that she themes for every single holiday. My Sister loves loves loves Halloween (she was even married on Halloween) and has collected enough decorations to fill every nook and cranny in her house (I get the leftovers!).

So, how does someone store all these items of different sizes, shapes and fragility? I have a couple must-haves.

1. Wrapping Paper Totes

Holiday Storage

Holiday Storage4

These wrapping paper totes were purchased at Chapters and are designed to hold multiple rolls of wrapping paper. Mine don’t currently have wrapping paper in them but I love them as a storage option because of their compact size.

2. Plastic Container Bins

Holiday storage3

Holiday storage2

If you have ever experienced a flood in your house you will understand why I consider plastic container bins a must-have. The most cost effective ones I found were at Walmart ranged from $9 – $10 each depending on size. The under bed clear storage bin posted in the photos above can also be purchased at Walmart for $24. In my house, it is well worth investing in these containers to store and save expensive decorations and memorabilia.

As for fragility, there are many options to choose from like bubble wrap or packing paper, but what I love is the most cost effective solution … old flyers. I collect them and always have a small box full in case I need to package something or make an impromptu piñata!

Personally, I do not allow anything into my home that I do not have storage for. For example, I would love love love more Christmas decorations, but at the moment I do not have storage for them. In the future, we have plans to enhance our cold storage where there will be plenty of room, but in the meantime, the decorations I have is plenty.

We have so many plans for our home, but of course, life gets in the way. I posted a blog about our master bathroom renovation months and months ago and we are still chipping away at it. Firstly, there was summer. We do not like to work on indoor renovations in the summer (we had a beautiful long summer and I can’t believe it is November 18 and we still don’t have any snow). Secondly, my wonderfully handy Husband was completing a course in Hydronic Design. I am so excited for him. Since I have known him, he has taken on many new careers and learned many new skills that apply to our day to day needs. He is so multi-talented, to be honest he sometimes makes me jealous. LOL!  Thirdly, it is currently hunting season. Seven months and two deer in the freezer later, we are almost ready to resume the master bathroom renovation. Stay tuned for one of my next blogs to be about tiling, painting and trimming!

I could talk to you for days after all this time apart, but for now I say “until next time” (which should be soon, I promise!). May your home be a haven in which you retreat to live your best life!

Many Blessings,

Pumba – The Star of Heart Your Space

Pumba - The Star of Heart Your Space

Hi! Fwiendz, I’m back again to share with you allz about me being a star for a day.

My Mom bathed me to make sure I looked my best. I wore my best fur (BOL!) and waz ready to shine. I heard the Photographer say, “really, a dog in the Team photos”. HECK YES! You see, I’m underestimated. I am not only a dog, but also the Team Mascot and pretty intelligentz if I say so myself. I know how to sitz, lay down, go to my kennel and cuddle as needed by my human family.

I got my beauty sleep the night before and during the day (of course). I was all bathed, with my fur looking great and ready to be the star of Heart Your Space.

It was really confusing how much my Mom moved me around. I assumed that she wanted to get my best side for the photo, although I think each side is my best side. My human Bwother teased me with my leash to get me smiling. I’m missing a few tooths and didn’t want to smile but I can’t help smiling when I see my leash. I love walks. I get to smell new scents and mark everything in sight. I mark to remember where I’ve been, just in case I get lost. One time, me and my fur-Brother, Ben went on an excursion around our little town. Mom and Dad were very worried about us, but we had fun, almost as much fun as the photo shoot.

Click click click click, went the Photographer. I smiled and snorted. BOL! My Dad didn’t want to hold me because he said it took away from his good looking-ness. BOL! He makes me laugh my Dad.

I saw the proofs of the photo shoot and I have to say, I looked the bestest. Not that the rest of the Team didn’t look good, but I think I shined the brightest.

Stay tuned for another Blog about why I was part of a photo shoot and the exciting news that comes with it.

How to Create a Vision Plan to Get and Stay Organized

Hello all! I am so excited to be sitting down and writing this new blog. Mixing a little of my professional organizing and coaching together is part of my niche. I can help you not only imagine a space being used at its full potential, but then I can create this space with you.

In order to achieve this, you should start with a vision statement. To create your own vision statement here are a few questions to ask yourself before you start …

  1. What are some of the most immediate goals you would like to achieve?
  2. What will achieving these goals mean to you? How will you feel? What will it look like?
  3. What will be different once you achieve these goals?
  4. What recourses do you need and/or want to accomplish the goals?
  5. How will achieving these goals impact other areas of your life?
  6. What could be a barrier to achieving these goals?
  7. What skills, tools and resources do you already have in place to break down the barriers to achieving these goals?
  8. What steps will you take to achieve these goals?

Create your vision statement like the future is now. Add positive affirmations at the beginning and end of the vision statement. Writing a vision statement is like a writing a long affirmation.

Why write a vision statement you ask? Why not? It only takes an hour and helps to envision the life you want to be leading. Many professional courses recommend vision statements to better envision your goals and reach the best version of yourself.

Here is an example of a vision statement for you to use to create your own vision statement.

Madison, take a deep breath as we embark on a journey of absolute joy. Let your breath out slowly, and as you do so imagine all the negative emotions rushing out of you like a tide receding. As you open your eyes you feel your kitty pawing at your leg to be let up onto your lap in your new and improved office.

You gaze out onto the horizon and you experience a sense of wonder and delight at what you see. You are amazed by how much your life has changed and transformed over the last couple of years due to you having developed all the skills, talents, tools and confidence that you need to believe in yourself. As you relax in your newly organized office, you now reflect on all you have achieved and accomplished in your life and you realize that all things are coming together for the harmonious good of all.

Through your hard work organizing your house, financials and your emotional space, you travel and come home from your travels to an organized space. You live a life of passion and purpose. You are giving and receiving love patiently and are enjoying life. You are doing the highest good for all that you come in contact with and creating a life you wanted as you have a clear vision. You have more time for your friends and family due to your space being optimized and your vision being clear.

Through your hard work achieving financial freedom, you are on track financially. Imagine a warm meal being cooked for you by your chef and housekeeper. You inhale smelling the aromas of a fresh meal and clean laundry. You take in every moment of this life that you’ve created and think “wow, I did this”.  Congratulations to you and yours. Many blessings.

Use any part of this vision statement for yourself, but at the same time, try to be as creative and positive about your future as possible.

Good luck, from our Heart to yours.

I Heart Mudding, Taping, Sanding and Painting

I have been hard at work, working my muscles, mudding, taping and sanding. In the picture below, I have completed my first coat of sanding. I actually enjoy mudding and taping and being able to see the results once sanded. Sanding is tedious, muscle engaging work, but I never feel like going to the gym after a good day of renovations.


I always have a hard time when I start mudding, but as I practice and test different techniques, I get better and better. The key is to add enough mud in the creases of the corners or along the seam of the joint to bond the different tapes and corners used.

Using a 6” knife to complete the first coat and applying a coat of mud thin enough to hold the tape up but not too thick, a fine balance.

As well, it’s important to use the correct sand paper. I started with a Number 80 on my first coat and will finish with a Number 220 (as per my Husband).

During the second coat, an 8” knife is used to smooth some of the rough edges from the first coat. At this point you should have already covered in your screw holes in the center of the drywall.

A good manual that I read (about various renovation projects) is The Home Depot’s Home Improvement 1-2-3.

During the third coat, a 12” knife is used to apply a thin coat of mud to iron out those imperfections. A wet sponge or sanding with 200 – 220 sand paper should guarantee a smooth finish before the paint is applied.

Yeah! Now the paint can go on. I love changing the feel of a room simply by applying a little bit of paint. This time I have chosen a colour that brings me peace and tranquility. A mint green will nicely complement our gray floor tiles and white wall tiles.

From one home renovator to another, may your space be enriched because of the love you’ve poured into it.

Jon and Candice Create

It’s time to start our master ensuite bathroom and we have big plans for this renovation. Months ago we separated the two connecting bathrooms and created a bigger bathroom for the master bath and a powder room for the guest bath. The master ensuite bathroom will feature dual shower heads, track lighting, dual sinks, an IKEA PAX unit and an oversized tub. I am eager to get organizing what is going to be an amazing space.

Thanks to my talented Husband and Heart Your Space Customizer, Jon,  we are able to construct the bathroom of our dreams (using the space that we have). Would it be more extravagant if I had more space to work with? Of course! But I am so thankful for the space that we do have, which will ultimately be just ours. Currently, I share a bathroom with my Husband and 2 boys. With all the hair gel, deodorant, towels … etc, there is very little space for my “stuff” and definitely not enough space to keep organized.

IMG_3840 (2)In the above photo, no tub has been installed yet but the wall dividing the tub and the toilet has been built, installed and drywalled. The bathroom renovations have officially begun. Stupendous!

IMG_3976The tub is in place. The space between the tub and the vanity is above average but not by much. I am delighted thinking about purchasing bathroom decorations, the possibilities are endless. We have decided to use neutral colours for the tile (grey and white) and mint walls. What colour do you think we should use to accent the mint? Share your comments below.


IMG_3980In this photo, Jon is creating supports for the IKEA vanity, which needs to go in before the drywall, and he is also measuring the distances to ensure the plumbing will be dead on.

The subfloor, plumbing and electrical is installed, next step is drywalling. I can’t wait to start mudding, taping, sanding, painting and using my muscles. At this point, the renovations are starting to come alive. I can already imagine this bathroom so clearly (minus the accent colours). I am so thrilled that the renovations are moving along nicely despite minor challenges.

In such a small space, it is sometimes impossible for Jon and I to work on separate tasks at the same time. Jon completes most of the renovation with my input coming in at the end when colours need to be chosen, painting needs to be done and decorations need to be sought after. Jon always asks my opinion about the height of objects (I’m a bit short and need all the help I can get). I was also the one who chose the tub dimensions (with the help of Jon providing the measurements).

Please stay tuned for Jon’s Blog post about the steps needed to create the perfect bathroom.

Thanks for reading once again. I love what I do and I do what I love. Wishing everyone many blessings.

6 Ideas to Organize and Customize a Closet His and Hers Style

Organize your closet with customizable solutions. Jon and I wanted a his and hers closet and here is how it turned out. Looking for great ideas to store your clothes, hats, scarves, shoes and jewelry? Look no further. Here are 6 ideas to best organize and customize a closet.

Looking for an inexpensive closet? Have a look through the “as is” section at IKEA. Not a handyman? Consider hiring a Carpenter to help you customize your space the way you always dreamed.

Before and After: Master Closet His and Hers

1. Over the Shelving Storage

As you can see, you can store anything you want in pretty boxes over the shelving unit to make the most of your storage space. I used boxes I already had on hand, as well as a box from Dollarama.

 Before and After: Master Closet His and Hers

2. Customized Scarf Holder

Build a customized scarf holder to store all your scarves. Seem overwhelming? Hire a Carpenter like Heart Your Space’s Customizer to install one custom-built for you.

Before and After: Master Closet His and Hers

3. Jewelry Holder

Buy this piece at IKEA to store jewelry in an orderly fashion. The perfect idea for the girl with a few too many accessories.

Before and After: Master Closet His and Hers

4. Hat Holder

As always, when you hire a Carpenter like Heart Your Space’s Customizer, you are provided with simple solutions to help store those pesky items.

 Before and After: Master Closet His and Hers

5. Shoe Holder

Again, at IKEA for a reasonable price. Finding a pair of shoes has never been easier.

Before and After: Master Closet His and Hers

6. Back of Closet Door Storage

Need more storage? Store your shoes, jewelry or scarves at the back of your closet door. You can find back of the door solutions at IKEA, as well as Walmart.

Heart My Life!

The more I think of Professional Organizing and Coaching the more I smile. I heart what I do and I do what I heart. I love making a space clean and organized. Is my house perfect, NO! We have been in continuous renovations from the day we moved in. Paying out of pocket (no loans, line of credit or credit cards) was a goal of ours, we have redone the main level once already and are now revamping it again to be more space efficient. Adding an island with cupboard space, raising our back door to be the same level as the main floor, pulling out the back stairs (we have two sets of stairs to our basement), is just some of the plans we have for our cute and customized bungalow. Right now, we are concentrating on the master bathroom. Creating the perfect bathroom with limited space is not always easy but my Husband and I believe that, “If you can renovate together, you can stay together”.

My family is the most important to me. We have so much fun in our home, I can’t help but feel blessed. I have a wonderfully supportive Husband and two epic bonus children. Not only do I love being home with my pre-teens, I also love to work (hence my starting this business, which offers me the opportunity to create a schedule around our kids). Being at home with our kids is number 1 for this girl. The oldest is going into high school in one and half years, with his drivers permit on the way. It is scary to think of all the changes they are encountering. Some people believe that when our children become independent, they don’t need us anymore. It is quite the opposite, the more independent they feel the more they need us to help guide them through life’s turmoils, as well as joys. I love the time I spend with “D-Awesome” and “K-Rock”. Being a Stepparent has given me so much strength and joy. I am absolutely spoiled and loved by my three boys and my two dogs. Our family only gains when I remain organized as a parent. People make jokes about me and my infamous day planner/journal, several times daily, I can be caught writing and planning in my journal.

Not only do I love my “home” family, but I also adore my extended family. A lot of the people I consider family are by definition friends. Family is defined as “all the descendents of a common ancestor”.

The person who captured the photos above (Leanna Bouffard), is a non-common ancestral relative, but truly is a Sister to me and Aunt to our boys. I also have my Goddaughter and my Nephew because of Leanna, which I don’t think there is a passing day that goes by that I don’t miss them fiercely. You see, they live over 3000 km away and I have seen them 18 times in 15 years. We remain connected by choice.

Then of course there are my two Sisters, Carrie and Carissa. We remain connected by choice, as well. We truly enjoy each others company and are better people because we are enriched by one another. I cherish these relationships.

Now to give kudos to the one I heart the most. My dear Husband, Jon. He is always supporting me, whether it’s asking him to put up a shelf, redecorate the office or build me a 12′ long walk-in closet, he’s always up for the task. He’s my main man and my main handyman too! No need to call anyone, there has never been a time that Jon hasn’t been able to figure out the problem and find a solution. I love this man so much, we’ve been through obstacles (especially with renovating) but we always seem to come out better through our dialogue and faith in one another. He’s my rock. My Husband and I were recently married in a beautiful ceremony with a magical reception that followed. Our wedding invitations, decor, programs, madlibs, drink tickets and more were custom designed for us by my Sister, my team member and mentor, Carrie Drage. She designs wedding invitations and decor for the DIY Bride through her Etsy Shop, SquaredHeart.

SquaredHeart | Invitations and Decor for the DIY Bride

And lastly, there is each of you. Each of you that has read my blogs and About page. Please feel free to comment or better yet, help spread the organizing word by sending me organizing ideas. I hope to not only be an inspiration to you, but for you to also inspire me.

Many Blessings,

Meet Pumba, the Heart Your Space Mascot

Meet Pumba, the Heart Your Space Mascot

Hi! Fwiendz, wuff up? I sure hope you are having a gweat day so far. I’m so happy today. BOL! (bark out loud). My Mom bought me new blankies to play with. Blankets are my favowite and my Mom likes them too because they are easy to organize. My Mom’s name is Candice (that’s what I hear my Dad call her … or beautiful). BOL!

My Mom tellz me I’m the mascot for her new business, Heart Your Space. I love being the mascot because my Mom lets me hang out with her in our dog-friendly office. When Dad’s not looking I am allowed to lay on the desk. Don’t tell Dad though, he might get really mad and kiss my Mom really hard on the mouth. EWWWWW!!!

My Mom loves to be organized, it makes her life simpler, especially with all the boyz in our house. There are five boyz in our house and as you know boyz can be messy and stinky but my Mom keeps our house looking and smelling good by using organizing ideas and candles.

I would like to tell you about my favowite humanz (besides my family of course). My Auntie Carrie helps my Mom a lot. They talk on the phone evewyday and she likes to cuddle me. I heart my Auntie Carrie. Then, there is my Auntie Carissa, she puppy sits me when my Mom and Dad are on vacation but then sometimes my fur-Cousins, Piper, Molly, Emma and Spencer come to my house when my Auntie Carissa goes on vacation (my Mom lights extra candles to keep all the doggie smellz away). My Aunties sometimes put costumes on me. I don’t like it, but it makes them smile.

meet-pumba-costumeMeet Pumba, the Heart Your Space Mascot

I love my human family. They are so woofalicious. Oh yeah, I should probably tell you about my Dad. His name is Jon (or sometimes bwat …) I’m not sure what that meanz but I think it meanz love …). BOL! He is a lot of fun, he’s always teaching me new thingz. I also have two human Bwothers, Dawson and Kaden (sometimes Mom callz them love bugz, but this confuses me since I’m a Bugg (Boston Terrier and Pug mix)). Then, there is my messy fur-Brother Benjamin (Mom and Dad call him scaredy pants), he’s scared of everything but I love cleaning up after his food messes, it keeps me busy … he’s pretty messy. You see, I’m a little particular about my space, I like thingz clean and tidy, a lot like my Mom.

Oh oh, I just saw a squirrel. Got to go! Bark soon.

Heart Month, the Perfect Month to Launch

Heart Month, the Perfect Month to Launch

Today, we’re launching Heart Your Space on the first day of Heart month and we couldn’t have planned it better if we’d tried.

Heart Your Space is a professional organizing and coaching business specializing in making sure each person we serve has the physical and emotional space to accomplish their life goals.

Perhaps, your goal is to become organized in order to create space for the things that are most important to you, including family and friends. Perhaps, your goal is to remove the barriers that are keeping you from creating your best life. Whatever your motivation, the Heart Your Space Team will support you in achieving your heart’s desire of less things, more heart.

Why Heart Your Space? Life is so much simpler when we have the physical and emotional space to work on goals and dreams. Less things, more heart can free us from the physical and emotional baggage that weighs us down.

Free Printables

Free Printables

Who doesn’t Heart a free printable? If you’re planning an organizing project, these printables will definitely help you get started.

I Heart these free printables and I hope you do too.

My Organizing Project: Inventory and Storage Worksheet (Free Printable)

Download your free My Organizing Project: Inventory and Storage Worksheet PDF ›


My Organizing Project: Sell Worksheet (Free Printable)

Download your free My Organizing Project: Sell Worksheet PDF ›


My Organizing Project: Shopping List (Free Printable)

Download your free My Organizing Project: Shopping List PDF ›


My Organizing Project: Planning Notes (Free Printable)

Download your free My Organizing Project: Planning Notes PDF ›


My Heart Is Grateful (Free Printable)

Download your free My Heart Is Grateful PDF ›