I Heart Holidays!

Do you love holidays? Which one is your favorite? Is it Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Halloween or maybe all of them?! Whatever it may be, most likely you have decorations to make your house look festive for your favorite holiday.

I have a few people in my life that are pretty passionate about a particular holiday. My good friend has a decorative birch tree that she themes for every single holiday. My Sister loves loves loves Halloween (she was even married on Halloween) and has collected enough decorations to fill every nook and cranny in her house (I get the leftovers!).

So, how does someone store all these items of different sizes, shapes and fragility? I have a couple must-haves.

1. Wrapping Paper Totes

Holiday Storage

Holiday Storage4

These wrapping paper totes were purchased at Chapters and are designed to hold multiple rolls of wrapping paper. Mine don’t currently have wrapping paper in them but I love them as a storage option because of their compact size.

2. Plastic Container Bins

Holiday storage3

Holiday storage2

If you have ever experienced a flood in your house you will understand why I consider plastic container bins a must-have. The most cost effective ones I found were at Walmart ranged from $9 – $10 each depending on size. The under bed clear storage bin posted in the photos above can also be purchased at Walmart for $24. In my house, it is well worth investing in these containers to store and save expensive decorations and memorabilia.

As for fragility, there are many options to choose from like bubble wrap or packing paper, but what I love is the most cost effective solution … old flyers. I collect them and always have a small box full in case I need to package something or make an impromptu piñata!

Personally, I do not allow anything into my home that I do not have storage for. For example, I would love love love more Christmas decorations, but at the moment I do not have storage for them. In the future, we have plans to enhance our cold storage where there will be plenty of room, but in the meantime, the decorations I have is plenty.

We have so many plans for our home, but of course, life gets in the way. I posted a blog about our master bathroom renovation months and months ago and we are still chipping away at it. Firstly, there was summer. We do not like to work on indoor renovations in the summer (we had a beautiful long summer and I can’t believe it is November 18 and we still don’t have any snow). Secondly, my wonderfully handy Husband was completing a course in Hydronic Design. I am so excited for him. Since I have known him, he has taken on many new careers and learned many new skills that apply to our day to day needs. He is so multi-talented, to be honest he sometimes makes me jealous. LOL!  Thirdly, it is currently hunting season. Seven months and two deer in the freezer later, we are almost ready to resume the master bathroom renovation. Stay tuned for one of my next blogs to be about tiling, painting and trimming!

I could talk to you for days after all this time apart, but for now I say “until next time” (which should be soon, I promise!). May your home be a haven in which you retreat to live your best life!

Many Blessings,

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