Pumba – The Star of Heart Your Space

Pumba - The Star of Heart Your Space

Hi! Fwiendz, I’m back again to share with you allz about me being a star for a day.

My Mom bathed me to make sure I looked my best. I wore my best fur (BOL!) and waz ready to shine. I heard the Photographer say, “really, a dog in the Team photos”. HECK YES! You see, I’m underestimated. I am not only a dog, but also the Team Mascot and pretty intelligentz if I say so myself. I know how to sitz, lay down, go to my kennel and cuddle as needed by my human family.

I got my beauty sleep the night before and during the day (of course). I was all bathed, with my fur looking great and ready to be the star of Heart Your Space.

It was really confusing how much my Mom moved me around. I assumed that she wanted to get my best side for the photo, although I think each side is my best side. My human Bwother teased me with my leash to get me smiling. I’m missing a few tooths and didn’t want to smile but I can’t help smiling when I see my leash. I love walks. I get to smell new scents and mark everything in sight. I mark to remember where I’ve been, just in case I get lost. One time, me and my fur-Brother, Ben went on an excursion around our little town. Mom and Dad were very worried about us, but we had fun, almost as much fun as the photo shoot.

Click click click click, went the Photographer. I smiled and snorted. BOL! My Dad didn’t want to hold me because he said it took away from his good looking-ness. BOL! He makes me laugh my Dad.

I saw the proofs of the photo shoot and I have to say, I looked the bestest. Not that the rest of the Team didn’t look good, but I think I shined the brightest.

Stay tuned for another Blog about why I was part of a photo shoot and the exciting news that comes with it.

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