I Heart Mudding, Taping, Sanding and Painting

I have been hard at work, working my muscles, mudding, taping and sanding. In the picture below, I have completed my first coat of sanding. I actually enjoy mudding and taping and being able to see the results once sanded. Sanding is tedious, muscle engaging work, but I never feel like going to the gym after a good day of renovations.


I always have a hard time when I start mudding, but as I practice and test different techniques, I get better and better. The key is to add enough mud in the creases of the corners or along the seam of the joint to bond the different tapes and corners used.

Using a 6” knife to complete the first coat and applying a coat of mud thin enough to hold the tape up but not too thick, a fine balance.

As well, it’s important to use the correct sand paper. I started with a Number 80 on my first coat and will finish with a Number 220 (as per my Husband).

During the second coat, an 8” knife is used to smooth some of the rough edges from the first coat. At this point you should have already covered in your screw holes in the center of the drywall.

A good manual that I read (about various renovation projects) is The Home Depot’s Home Improvement 1-2-3.

During the third coat, a 12” knife is used to apply a thin coat of mud to iron out those imperfections. A wet sponge or sanding with 200 – 220 sand paper should guarantee a smooth finish before the paint is applied.

Yeah! Now the paint can go on. I love changing the feel of a room simply by applying a little bit of paint. This time I have chosen a colour that brings me peace and tranquility. A mint green will nicely complement our gray floor tiles and white wall tiles.

From one home renovator to another, may your space be enriched because of the love you’ve poured into it.

One Comment on “I Heart Mudding, Taping, Sanding and Painting

  1. Hi Candice. Why don’t you just accessorize with colour? Personally, I love the coral right now and I also love the purple/mint combination. I would paint the nook and if you hate it, repaint it OR how about an easy peel wallpaper in the nook? That would be nice.
    Have fun! I look forward to seeing the end result.

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