Jon and Candice Create

It’s time to start our master ensuite bathroom and we have big plans for this renovation. Months ago we separated the two connecting bathrooms and created a bigger bathroom for the master bath and a powder room for the guest bath. The master ensuite bathroom will feature dual shower heads, track lighting, dual sinks, an IKEA PAX unit and an oversized tub. I am eager to get organizing what is going to be an amazing space.

Thanks to my talented Husband and Heart Your Space Customizer, Jon,  we are able to construct the bathroom of our dreams (using the space that we have). Would it be more extravagant if I had more space to work with? Of course! But I am so thankful for the space that we do have, which will ultimately be just ours. Currently, I share a bathroom with my Husband and 2 boys. With all the hair gel, deodorant, towels … etc, there is very little space for my “stuff” and definitely not enough space to keep organized.

IMG_3840 (2)In the above photo, no tub has been installed yet but the wall dividing the tub and the toilet has been built, installed and drywalled. The bathroom renovations have officially begun. Stupendous!

IMG_3976The tub is in place. The space between the tub and the vanity is above average but not by much. I am delighted thinking about purchasing bathroom decorations, the possibilities are endless. We have decided to use neutral colours for the tile (grey and white) and mint walls. What colour do you think we should use to accent the mint? Share your comments below.


IMG_3980In this photo, Jon is creating supports for the IKEA vanity, which needs to go in before the drywall, and he is also measuring the distances to ensure the plumbing will be dead on.

The subfloor, plumbing and electrical is installed, next step is drywalling. I can’t wait to start mudding, taping, sanding, painting and using my muscles. At this point, the renovations are starting to come alive. I can already imagine this bathroom so clearly (minus the accent colours). I am so thrilled that the renovations are moving along nicely despite minor challenges.

In such a small space, it is sometimes impossible for Jon and I to work on separate tasks at the same time. Jon completes most of the renovation with my input coming in at the end when colours need to be chosen, painting needs to be done and decorations need to be sought after. Jon always asks my opinion about the height of objects (I’m a bit short and need all the help I can get). I was also the one who chose the tub dimensions (with the help of Jon providing the measurements).

Please stay tuned for Jon’s Blog post about the steps needed to create the perfect bathroom.

Thanks for reading once again. I love what I do and I do what I love. Wishing everyone many blessings.

7 Comments on “Jon and Candice Create

  1. I am excited for the upstairs to be finished. The whole floor plan is being changed to a more modern open concept with my brides organizing skills allowing this homes full potential to be realized!!!!!!
    Then I get to design my man cave….. That our boys are already claiming as theirs!!! Lol…. We’ll see……….


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