Heart My Life!

The more I think of Professional Organizing and Coaching the more I smile. I heart what I do and I do what I heart. I love making a space clean and organized. Is my house perfect, NO! We have been in continuous renovations from the day we moved in. Paying out of pocket (no loans, line of credit or credit cards) was a goal of ours, we have redone the main level once already and are now revamping it again to be more space efficient. Adding an island with cupboard space, raising our back door to be the same level as the main floor, pulling out the back stairs (we have two sets of stairs to our basement), is just some of the plans we have for our cute and customized bungalow. Right now, we are concentrating on the master bathroom. Creating the perfect bathroom with limited space is not always easy but my Husband and I believe that, “If you can renovate together, you can stay together”.

My family is the most important to me. We have so much fun in our home, I can’t help but feel blessed. I have a wonderfully supportive Husband and two epic bonus children. Not only do I love being home with my pre-teens, I also love to work (hence my starting this business, which offers me the opportunity to create a schedule around our kids). Being at home with our kids is number 1 for this girl. The oldest is going into high school in one and half years, with his drivers permit on the way. It is scary to think of all the changes they are encountering. Some people believe that when our children become independent, they don’t need us anymore. It is quite the opposite, the more independent they feel the more they need us to help guide them through life’s turmoils, as well as joys. I love the time I spend with “D-Awesome” and “K-Rock”. Being a Stepparent has given me so much strength and joy. I am absolutely spoiled and loved by my three boys and my two dogs. Our family only gains when I remain organized as a parent. People make jokes about me and my infamous day planner/journal, several times daily, I can be caught writing and planning in my journal.

Not only do I love my “home” family, but I also adore my extended family. A lot of the people I consider family are by definition friends. Family is defined as “all the descendents of a common ancestor”.

The person who captured the photos above (Leanna Bouffard), is a non-common ancestral relative, but truly is a Sister to me and Aunt to our boys. I also have my Goddaughter and my Nephew because of Leanna, which I don’t think there is a passing day that goes by that I don’t miss them fiercely. You see, they live over 3000 km away and I have seen them 18 times in 15 years. We remain connected by choice.

Then of course there are my two Sisters, Carrie and Carissa. We remain connected by choice, as well. We truly enjoy each others company and are better people because we are enriched by one another. I cherish these relationships.

Now to give kudos to the one I heart the most. My dear Husband, Jon. He is always supporting me, whether it’s asking him to put up a shelf, redecorate the office or build me a 12′ long walk-in closet, he’s always up for the task. He’s my main man and my main handyman too! No need to call anyone, there has never been a time that Jon hasn’t been able to figure out the problem and find a solution. I love this man so much, we’ve been through obstacles (especially with renovating) but we always seem to come out better through our dialogue and faith in one another. He’s my rock. My Husband and I were recently married in a beautiful ceremony with a magical reception that followed. Our wedding invitations, decor, programs, madlibs, drink tickets and more were custom designed for us by my Sister, my team member and mentor, Carrie Drage. She designs wedding invitations and decor for the DIY Bride through her Etsy Shop, SquaredHeart.

SquaredHeart | Invitations and Decor for the DIY Bride

And lastly, there is each of you. Each of you that has read my blogs and About page. Please feel free to comment or better yet, help spread the organizing word by sending me organizing ideas. I hope to not only be an inspiration to you, but for you to also inspire me.

Many Blessings,

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  1. LOVE how you bring your personal life and experiences into your blogs. It really shows your HEART is in the right place.

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