Meet Pumba, the Heart Your Space Mascot

Meet Pumba, the Heart Your Space Mascot

Hi! Fwiendz, wuff up? I sure hope you are having a gweat day so far. I’m so happy today. BOL! (bark out loud). My Mom bought me new blankies to play with. Blankets are my favowite and my Mom likes them too because they are easy to organize. My Mom’s name is Candice (that’s what I hear my Dad call her … or beautiful). BOL!

My Mom tellz me I’m the mascot for her new business, Heart Your Space. I love being the mascot because my Mom lets me hang out with her in our dog-friendly office. When Dad’s not looking I am allowed to lay on the desk. Don’t tell Dad though, he might get really mad and kiss my Mom really hard on the mouth. EWWWWW!!!

My Mom loves to be organized, it makes her life simpler, especially with all the boyz in our house. There are five boyz in our house and as you know boyz can be messy and stinky but my Mom keeps our house looking and smelling good by using organizing ideas and candles.

I would like to tell you about my favowite humanz (besides my family of course). My Auntie Carrie helps my Mom a lot. They talk on the phone evewyday and she likes to cuddle me. I heart my Auntie Carrie. Then, there is my Auntie Carissa, she puppy sits me when my Mom and Dad are on vacation but then sometimes my fur-Cousins, Piper, Molly, Emma and Spencer come to my house when my Auntie Carissa goes on vacation (my Mom lights extra candles to keep all the doggie smellz away). My Aunties sometimes put costumes on me. I don’t like it, but it makes them smile.

meet-pumba-costumeMeet Pumba, the Heart Your Space Mascot

I love my human family. They are so woofalicious. Oh yeah, I should probably tell you about my Dad. His name is Jon (or sometimes bwat …) I’m not sure what that meanz but I think it meanz love …). BOL! He is a lot of fun, he’s always teaching me new thingz. I also have two human Bwothers, Dawson and Kaden (sometimes Mom callz them love bugz, but this confuses me since I’m a Bugg (Boston Terrier and Pug mix)). Then, there is my messy fur-Brother Benjamin (Mom and Dad call him scaredy pants), he’s scared of everything but I love cleaning up after his food messes, it keeps me busy … he’s pretty messy. You see, I’m a little particular about my space, I like thingz clean and tidy, a lot like my Mom.

Oh oh, I just saw a squirrel. Got to go! Bark soon.

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